I Still Believe

Sometimes what I need is an easy, romantic, emotional film in my life. So when I saw the advert for I Still Believe on Amazon at the weekend I knew for a fact I was going to watch it. Plus it was Valentine’s Day and my boyfriend had to go back to Aberdeen to go back to work.

I Still Believe is based on the true story of Jeremy Camp’s life and his journey of discovering music and falling in love for the first time. When Jeremy (K.J. Apa) starts college, he has the primary goal of developing his music career; his Mom (Shania Twain) and Dad (Gary Sinise) even take out a loan to buy him a new guitar for college so the stakes are high for him. So on his first night he sneaks backstage at a concert on the college grounds, managing to meet Jean Luc (Nathan Dean) a up and coming rockstar who luckily sees a bit of himself in Jeremy and decides to help him embark on his career; well at least by offering the opportunity to tune his guitar. During the show, he also locks eyes with Melissa (Britt Robertson) whom he experiences love at first sight with.

Melissa isn’t quite as eager as Jeremy is to develop a relationship. She is very good friends with Jean Luc and aware of his feelings for her and doesn’t want to hurt his feelings. However, it’s like the two are destined and cannot stay away from each other and soon become unofficially dating. They are having a great time and Jean Luc is helping Jeremy with his career, even letting him record a demo record during his bands studio time. But then everything unravels when Jean Luc hears Jeremy telling Melissa he is in love with her. To Jeremy, it seems like things couldn’t be worse, until he gets a call from Jean Luc informing him that Melissa is in hospital.

Some absolutely great music, an epic love story, a literal miracle and devastation all wrapped up into one film. It was quite religious at times but the very essence of the film required it. And even though I’m not religious myself I always wish I was and had so much faith and belief in something. The fact that this story is true made it even more beautiful and although it was sad, the incorporation of the real Jeremy Camp and his family was really special. If you’re like me and need an emotional film sometimes, this is the next one you should watch!

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