Always and Forever, Lara Jean by Jenny Han

The final instalment into the trilogy (and just in time for the @netflixuk release hype) picks up a number to months after P.S I Still Love You and Lara Jean and Peter are doing well and looking forward to their perfect college life together at the University of Virginia. However, whereas Peter has a confirmation he will be attending due to his Lacrosse scholarship, Lara Jean hasn’t yet actually been accepted. Everybody keeps telling her it’s fine she will definitely get in, but is it wise to plan so much when there’s not certainty?

We also get to see Lara Jean’s Dad’s romance with the neighbour across the street develop. And whilst Lara Jean and Kitty are super happy about their relationship, Margot is not quite so welcoming of her into their lives.

I liked that this book was a little bit in the future so relationships had developed enough to move the story along but not too far in the future that it doesn’t flow from the previous book. I also loved the elements of the book which suggested at the difficulty of blending families because I think that’s something most people have experienced and can relate to, it maybe could have been played out a little bit more.

I was also really happy we got to see Chris more in this book and that her spontaneity compared to Lara Jean’s organisation actually helps shape her and her future. All in all, a lovely end to the story and a nice easy YA romance read. I gave it 3.5/5 stars.

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