P.S I Still Love You by Jenny Han

The second book in the To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before trilogy is P.S I Love You and it picks up pretty much straight from the end of the first book. Lara Jean and Peter have decided to be a couple for real. However, he is still friends with his ex-Genevieve which Lara Jean finds difficult; let’s be honest who wouldn’t?!? And a video of a certain steamy kiss during a recent class ski trip goes viral, Lara is pretty certain she knows who shared the video but Peter struggles to defend Lara Jean from the back lash.

Just as the strain is being put on to their relationship, one of the other boys who received a letter comes back into Lara Jean’s life. They seem to have a lot more in common and it is a lot easier between them. Has Lara made the wrong decision with Peter??

I’m not sure whether I’m just more used to Jenny Han’s writing now or whether the style has changed slightly but it was definitely more enjoyable than the first book. I also loved getting to know Stormy more; the old lady from the residential home that Lara Jean volunteers at. I’m definitely looking forward to the final instalment.

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