To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han

To All The Boys I Loved Before tells the story to Lara Jean Song, the middle Song Girl. Her older sister Margot seems to have it all, she looks after all for the family since her Mom died, is best friends with Lara Jean, has the perfect boyfriend; Josh next door, and is about to move to Scotland to attend St. Andrew’s University. And her younger sister Kitty is only young so just loves being looked after. Lara Jean has always been quite happy with her world revolving around her family and Josh, until Margot moves to Scotland and everything changes.

Not only does she have to step up to do more of the household chores and look after Kitty, but somehow her secret letters to ‘all the boys she loved before’ are sent to the boys. The five boys Lara Jean has ever been ‘in love’ with receive the letter she wrote after deciding she didn’t love them anymore. Unfortunately, Josh is one of those boys and Lara Jean is mortified when he approaches her about it. Margot and Josh broke up just before she moved to Scotland so technically he is single, but obviously out of bounds due to their relationship. Desperate to save her friendship with Josh she develops a fake relationship with another boy who received a letter, popular Peter.

This book was super easy to read. At times it was so cheesy it was cringeworthy. Definitely a younger, young adult read and I’ve probably outgrown it a little bit. However, I did enjoy it and will definitely be reading the rest of the trilogy and then watching the films on Netflix!

I’d probably give it 3/5!

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