Away With The Penguins by Hazel Prior

Veronica McCreedy is an 86 year old rich, lonely woman who has nobody but her house keeper to keep her company. She simultaneously discovers she has a grandson; who is apparently a waste of space, and a desire to travel to Antarctica to visit a research trip focusing on penguins. Veronica’s drive to visit the research tip is a curiosity whether it is beneficial to leave her fortunes to the research since there is nobody else worthwhile.

Patrick; the grandson, works one day per week and has no drive or motivation to make anything of himself. He was dragged through the foster system as a child after his mother killed herself and doesn’t remember his dad. When he meets ‘Granny’ McCreedy he thinks she’s stuck up and is not interested in developing a relationship with her.

The two of them are clearly on different paths but can uncovering each other’s story and the family connection help them develop a relationship with each other?

There are also four lovely supporting characters: Terry, the resident blogger and only female of the project. She is the first person who connects with Veronica and starts to develop a relationship with her and pull back the layers. Mike, the resident mean guy and Dietrich the level headed professional. The fourth character is Patrick the penguin who melts everybody’s hearts.

It’s such a lovely story of growing old, feeling lonely and the human connections we develop. It’s not a book I would ever usually pick up but I’d seen so many positive reviews I couldn’t not, and I’m so glad I did!

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