Released to Disney+ on Christmas Day, Soul is the newest collaboration between Disney and Pixar. It tells the story of Joe Gardener (Jamie Foxx) a musician who is desperate to make it in the world of jazz, however, his lack of successes have led him to being a part time music teacher in a middle-school which he hates.

One day he is offered both a full time permanent contract at the school and a chance to perform with Dorothea (Angela Bassett); a jazz musician he idolises. His mom is encouraging him to take the full time job to ensure he has stability in his life, however, Joe goes to the audition. The audition is a huge success and he is offered a permanent position in the band. Joe is on cloud nine, then he falls in a hole on the side walk and dies.

Brutal I know. The next thing Joe knows he is a blue blob is surrounded by other blue blobs on a path to ‘the Light.’ We learn that the blue blobs are souls and obviously the light is the after life. Joe refuses to move towards the light and jumps off the road, he ends up in the training academy for souls. He is then mistaken as a mentor and teamed up with 22 (Tina Fey) to help her find her spark. So begins a journey to discover passion for life and what it means to have a soul.

It was a truly lovely story which was definitely emotional. The music was great and even for somebody who doesn’t have a natural appreciation for jazz I definitely enjoyed it. Graham Norton has a part too which as a Brit of course I loved. It was a little bit reminiscent of Inside Out in style which I wasn’t mad about but it was a little bit disappointing.

It really is a lovely family film (obviously it’s Disney) and the message is valuable to anybody at anytime in their life. Don’t forget to live it!

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