The Christmasaurus by Tom Fletcher

Although I read a lot of young adult fiction, it’s been quite some time since I read anything younger. But Christmasaurus has been on my radar for a while now; mostly because I flipping love Tom Fletcher, but also because I love a Christmas themed book/film.

Christmasaurus tells the story to William a young boy in a wheelchair who is bullied at school. At home he is with his dad who is completely obsessed with Christmas which rubs off on him. As well as Christmas, dinosaurs feature heavily in the Trundle household, to the point that it a dinosaur is all that William asks for off Santa for Christmas.

A few years later, the elves in the North Pole find an egg hidden in the ice where they usually mine for presents. Soon the Christmasaurus is born. Although I do believe that the magic of Christmas intended for the Christmasaurus to be William’s present, Santa instead creates a soft toy replica to deliver to William for Christmas. The Christmasaurus however, can’t let the toy go as he has developed a bond. This leads to the Christmasaurus being found in William’s living room and a hunter spotting him.

Although magical, I was definitely reminded why we progress to older books as we age. It took me a little while to read because I kept getting bored and putting it down and distracted. I will definitely be keeping it for when I have kids of my own there and utilise it as December reading to build up to Christmas. The illustrations are really lovely too!

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