‘Twas The Nightshift Before Christmas by Adam Kay

A little Christmas selection of festive season memoirs from Adam Kay and his time as a doctor in the NHS. I read his book This Is Going To Hurt earlier in the year and thought it was great so was really looking forward to this short 160 page Christmas treat.

There are some hilarious new stories from his time as a obs/gynae doctor whilst losing out on spending the holidays with his family. Kay’s dark humour is right up my street and I like the way it contrasts with the seriousness of the situations he is in.

After working my first ever Christmas in the NHS (although definitely not as a doctor) it definitely gave me a new perspective of how such a fun family day becomes just totally run of the mill because you’re at work. I could absolutely relate to the moment where he explains he forgot it was Christmas Day.

All in all, super funny. Yes it’s really short but he didn’t work that many Christmas’ and it’s not a work of fiction! I would recommend both this and the original book if you need a pick me up, however, they definitely come with a warning as there are some triggers for miscarriage, abortion and medical treatments.

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