10 Blind Dates by Ashley Elston

When Sophia’s parents agree she can stay with her Nonna over Christmas instead of visiting her pregnant sister with them she is so excited to spend some alone time with her boyfriend. However, it turns out he isn’t as excited about it as she is and she overhears him sharing his disappointment with his friends. Heartbroken she heads to her Nonnas which as usually is overwhelmed by family members. However, it turns into a fun festive period when her Nonna decides that the family are going to set Sophia up on 10 blind dates to help her get over her boyfriend.

Some dates she is looking forward to as they are arranged by her favourite cousins, others she is dreading due to the ‘Evil Joes’ planning them. She agrees that she will play along with the dates to make her family happy.

Alongside her dates, Sophia is also finding her childhood friendships are being rekindled due to her spending time with her family she wouldn’t usually. And a possible romance outside of the dating game.

Definitely nothing dramatic (except her sister’s pregnancy) or particularly gripping but a lovely easy read which had me hooked! Perfect festive YA romance.

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