All I Want For Christmas by Beth Garrod

Elle is a wannabe social influencer who joins a competition to gain 15k new followers over Christmas. If she loses she has to delete her account. Holly is a huge fan of Elle and when she posts a picture of her little village in England she cannot wait to jump at the chance to let her know.
It turns out Elle and Holly’s mum’s were friends before Elle’s family moved to America. So when Elle suggests a trans-Atlantic exchange in a bid to gain followers the mum’s are excited to meet each others daughters and allow it. However, both Elle and Holly are set to have a reminder that social media isn’t real life.

I really enjoyed the easy teen read and the split narrator throughout this book. Yes it was predictable but it’s Christmas so that’s allowed. It was a bit like The Holiday but with teenagers and social media. All round worth an easy holiday read if you’ve got some time.

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