Christmas Wonderland

Heidi (Emily Osment) moved to New York to be an artist, however, she is stuck working as an assistant in an art gallery. Although, her boss (Kelly Hu) had showed an early interest in her paintings nothing has ever progressed. Then when Heidi is needed to go back to the small town of Pleasant Valley to look after her niece and nephew short notice, her boss is less than pleased, despite Heidi’s ability to work from home.

When Heidi gets home to Pleasant Valley she’s looking forward to spending time with her family, what she isn’t prepared for is covering for her sister on the Snowball committee alongside her ex Chris (Ryan Rottman). When her sister and her husband get delayed coming home to the fury of Heidi’s boss she has to stay longer, and the extra time at home allows her to rediscover her creativity, and explore the past relationship she had with Chris.

I feel like I’ve explained this film really badly but I did actually enjoy it. Festive, fun and frilly. A real hallmark cheese fest. It actually reminded me quite a lot of Raising Helen with Kate Hudson which I love. Emily Osment kept giving me Carrie Underwood vibes too.

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