Snowflakes and Mistletoe Kisses by Nora Roberts

I really wanted to get some festive reads this year so I bought quite a few from Amazon and The Works. The first one I picked up was by Nora Roberts and if I’m honest I was mostly drawn to the pretty purple cover. I didn’t realise that it’s actually a compilation of two books: All I Want For Christmas and Local Hero, until I had finished the first book so I’ll give you an update on them both.

All I Want For Christmas

Zach and Zeke are six year old twins who have been brought up by their Dad; Macauley. Although they have had a good life so far, they decide to save their Christmas wishes this year to ask Santa for ‘The Mom,’ oh and a new bike each. They ask for her to have yellow hair, like dogs, be good with kids, smell good, bakes cookies and is pretty and smart. So when they start school and meet Miss Davis starts at the same time they are convinced Santa has sent her to them.

However, Macauley is quite happy with the life he has for himself and the boys and doesn’t believe in love. But when he meets Nell/Miss Davis he is inexplicably drawn to her and can’t stop thinking of her.

My biggest criticism of this book is that it is too short at only 124 pages. I actually really liked the characters and wanted more from them. Don’t get me wrong it’s super cheesy and predictable, but sometimes that’s what I like!

Local Hero

Almost a reverse version of All I Want For Christmas, Hester is a single Mom who’s life revolves around her son Radley and giving him the life she believes he deserves. When they move into a new apartment neither Hester nor Radley is expecting Radley’s comic book creator hero; Mitch, to live downstairs. Even less likely is that he would offer to provide to offer free childcare for Radley when he finishes school each day. Mitch is probably just as surprised.

It is clear that Mitch and Hester quickly fall for each other whilst Mitch and Radley’s relationship blossoms too. However, Hester’s fear of being heartbroken again may prevent them from ever being together.

Equally as lovely and easily read as All I Want For Christmas these were both great festive reads. I’m unsure why it took me a week to read them as I enjoyed them, although it was maybe the lack of drama hooking me in.

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