Obviously, I absolutely love a Disney film so I am buzzing that there are three animated Disney/Disney Pixar films on my 100 Movies Bucket List poster. Although, I’ve got to say, Up never really made my radar. I’m pretty sure I had seen it before it didn’t really make an impression; not enough princesses and singing let’s be honest. But I was looking forward to giving it another go because I know how much others do love it.

Up tells the story of Carl (Edward Asner) and Ellie , unusual kids who become instant best friends and fall in love. They are both fascinated by exploring and look up to Charles Muntz (Christopher Plummer) a renowned explorer who never returned from his mission to Paradise falls. Ellie dreams of living at the top of Paradise Falls and Carl is determined to make her dream come true. As is always the case, life passes them by and their savings to go to Paradise Falls gets used up on other things; there’s also a really sad miscarriage scene which breaks my heart, and they grow old.

When Ellie dies Carl becomes a bit of a bitter and slightly twisted old man who is not interested in others in the slightest. There is a big development being built around his house but he refuses to sell to allow them to use his land. One day, when a nostalgic mailbox is damaged by the builders, Carl has an outburst and injures one of the construction men. He is arrested and instructed to move into a care facility.

However, on the day that he is due to move he decides to uproot his house and travel to Paradise Falls like he promised Ellie he would. What he did not plan for was that Russell (Jordan Nagai) a local Boy Scout who had been trying to earn his badge by helping Carl would end up stuck on the journey with him. And his lonely journey picks up more friends along the way.

This is truly a film about nostalgia and being kind to people. It really is a lovely film but it still isn’t one I will be making a point of watching regularly. I did see a Disney Pixar orchestra performance in Hollywood Studios, Disney World which featured music from this show and it really was beautiful. But as I said, there’s just not enough princesses or singing in it to be my favourite!

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