Jurassic Park

Next up on my 100 Movie Bucket List challenge is Jurassic Park. It was the original from 1993 and only 27 years later can I fully appreciate how impressive the effects were given the time it was created.

In case you’re not familiar, Jurassic Park tells the story of a millionaire (Richard Attenborough) who decides to open a theme park full of dinosaurs. Basically he has collected fossilised mosquitos and extracted the dinosaur blood from them in order to clone them. He then calls upon Grant (Sam Neill), Ellie (Laura Dern) and Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum); I want to call them palaeontologists, to give their backing that opening his park is a great idea.

Initially the park seems like it’s very well run and the danger has been minimised, however as you’d expect with any live animal things do not go as planned and when an employee decides to switch off all of the security in the park things go awry.

Although it it pretty old (like me…) it really doesn’t feel it. Obviously when you compare the graphics to those in the new Jurassic World movies they are antiquated but it’s still good enough if that makes sense. I love this franchise I also think it’s one of those totally unbelievable things that could absolutely happen (like Trump winning the 2016 election).

Okay, this was a pretty rubbish review but if you are one of the minority that hasn’t seen these films watch the old ones first!

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