All This Time by Mikki Daughtry and Rachael Lippincott

After how much I enjoyed Five Feet Apart I was really excited when I saw that Daughtry and Lippincott had teamed up again. Enough so that I even pre-ordered the book from Amazon so I’d get it on the day of release (and I never do that).

All This Time tells the story of Kyle and the life he has to face after both he and his ‘girlfriend’ are in a car crash on graduation night. He has to deal with the guilt of being in the drivers seat but also the realisation that he has been living a very selfish life and doesn’t have any plans other than what he has tried to force on those around him. Then when they are not there to participate anymore he needs a fresh look at his life.

When Kyle is at rock bottom, he meets Marley who is a literal ray of sunshine (she always wears yellow) and it feels like her carefree and immature ways help Kyle realise there is more to life than the perfect image he had mapped out.

I’ve got to admit I didn’t really enjoy the first 60% of this book. It just didn’t feel right. Kyle and Marley’s romance felt contrived and too fast for me with no real substance. And I really didn’t connect to either of them. I knew there was something wrong between the two (I actually thought Marley was a figament of his imagination or a ghost), however, I didn’t see the twist coming that there was.

It’s a quick easy read but I probably wouldn’t recommend people to go out of their way to read it. Five Feet Apart is DEFINITELY better.

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