60 Days In – Season 2

I was hooked when I discovered 60 Days In on Netflix last year so because I’m a google queen I had seen that there was another season but it wasn’t on UK Netflix. However, when I was having my day off the other day I spotted this little gem and was set for the day!

If you haven’t seen 60 Days In it is essentially an undercover documentary into a jail in Indiana. 8 participants are entered into the jail undercover and NOBODY knows who they are; as in not even the staff. The idea is that the participants can provide the sheriff with information of how to improve the prison.

In season 1 I was shocked by the conditions of the jail. We’re talking not access to a bed and toilet for all prisoners and it’s essentially a dorm with minimal supervision.

Season 2 saw three more female participants enter the jail and five male. Amongst the female participants is Ashleigh; she is married to Zac from season one, who is a recovered addict, Sheri, who used to be a corrections officer and MonaLisa who wants to understand what jail is like because her daughter is currently incarcerated. Two of the male participants dropped out early on but the other three made it. Quintin was an retired cop, Dion a criminal justice student and Ryan an ex army medic.

I definitely found myself drawn to Ashleigh and Sheri as my favourites. I hated Ryan who at one point actually looks like he is going rogue and most of the time I found the others mostly boring.

It’s honestly so interesting if you’re into this sort of thing; I love death row documentaries too. And easy watching for the background without haven’t to pay so much attention. Go for it!

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