After by Anna Todd

As you all know, sometimes a good smutty YA book so required. Especially whilst we’re still in the throes of a pandemic and work is super busy. I’ve been listening to After by Anna Todd on Audible on my way to and from work and as a bit of motivation when I’m going for a walk.

It tells the story of Tessa who has been shaped by her mother to be the perfect daughter: perfect grades, perfect rich boyfriend, virgin, never drank alcohol, doesn’t wear makeup and wears extremely modest clothes. She couldn’t be much different than her room mate Steph who is a tattooed and pierced rock chick. Steph also has a group of friends with a similar look who spend a lot of time around the dorm. Hardin is one of her friends who surprisingly lives in a Frat house; confusing much?!? And when he starts to take an interest in Tessa she is introduced to a whole new world.

It is a typical good girl meets bad boy story. However, throughout the story it is obvious Hardin is hiding things from Tessa which add an extra layer to the story. I’ve got to admit even I was a little got smacked when the truth finally comes out and I read a lot of these good girl/bad boy books!

It was also extra clever because the first book ends in a way you literally need to move on to the second STRAIGHT away. So that’s what I’m reading now! Also, it’s a movie which I didn’t know about so I need to watch that on Netflix.

Don’t get me wrong it isn’t amazing. It goes around in a LOT of circles that exasperated me a little bit. But it’s a great easy read.

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