Brave by Rose McGowan

I bought this book quite a long time ago but for one reason or another never actually picked it up to read. Well, now I wish I had known about it sooner. I’ve got to be honest my desire to read this book was down to being a Charmed fan and loving McGowan’s character Paige, therefore, I was a little bit saddened when I read how much she didn’t really enjoy working on Charmed, but it is such an eye-opening insightful read it’s a must.

It starts with McGowan’s early years living in Italy with her family where they are members of The Children of God cult. She describes the cult as steadily becoming more dangerous with her father finally deciding to flee when child molestation was being encouraged. Unfortunately, he left her mother behind choosing instead to flee with his second wife and all of the children. McGowan then experienced a difficult time moving between members of her family in the USA and dropping out of school at an early age. Although she would very much be considered a rebellious child, McGowan’s first hand experience gives us an understanding as to why she made the choices she did and prevent us from judging her; as is only right.

She had a lucky break into Hollywood and was spared being one of the many individuals trying to slowly make her way into the Hollywood fame circuit, but rather found a way to ensure she had an income.

This book is a really interesting look not only into the world of Hollywood through non-rose tinted glasses. But also into the rise of a star and understanding it isn’t always a desire to be one that creates one. I also found myself linking the book regularly to Bombshell which was released in the UK earlier this year and recognising the similarities in the stories surrounding two different powerful men in the entertainment industry.

I’ve got to admit the end of the book got a little too dramatic for me. Yes I appreciate being enlightened and teaching myself to be more aware of what I’m viewing but to suggest we boycott Hollywood is pretty unrealistic in my opinion. I think it needs to be changed from the inside as in this global community we live in entertainment and celebrities are not just going to disappear. Just my opinion though!

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