Whitehouse Farm

Whitehouse Farm in Morpeth is always a great day out in the North East. And it turns out it’s even more exciting when you take a child! Due to the current COVID19 restrictions you do need to book in advance, but kids under 2 are still free. It was also a lovely sunny and warm day so it was destined to be great.

Since I last visit a few years ago the farm has a new addition in the outdoor enclosures near the entrance. They have racoons!

They didn’t seem to draw the crowds quite as much as the meerkats but they were right next to them and I thought they were super cute.

Meerkats are always super interesting to watch because they’re funny and full of character. I always want to sing the Meerkat song from The Lion King 3 too (dig a tunnel quick dig a tunnel…). My friends daughter was just an intrigued by them as we were which was really fun.

Of course, one of the highlights of Whitehouse farm is that you can feed the animals. You buy the animal feed with your tickets and it’s about 65p a bag. You can basically feed anything that will take it and the goats are always particularly aggressive in wanting the pellets.

There was a COVID secure one way system operating through the petting zoo barn with a maximum amount of people allowed at any time and lots of hand sanitiser around.

We fed the goats, had some cuddles with bunny rabbits, stroked some chicks and looked at all of the reptiles. There are also a lot of rats and mice too but I don’t like them very much so just glazed them over.

There are loads of play areas for kids to burn off some energy. There is usually an indoor play area but it is closed at the moment. But there is a big outdoor play area near the petting zoo, pedal go-karts, pedal tractors, trampolines, bouncing domes which are like bouncy castles build into the ground and then there’s a new big play area down in the fields near the car park.

We also went on the free tractor ride which takes you out through the cow fields. I had seen these tractor rides happen, but I had never went on them. I presumed there was a cost to go on, but it turns out Whitehouse Farm is one of those lovely places where all you really pay is your entrance and everything else is included!

We had a really lovely day and I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad one! I would fully recommend a family day out here. If you prefer a quiet day I’d wait until the kids go back to school because even despite the COVID limits it was still busy.

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