Gus by Kim Holden

Following the death of Kate at the end of Bright Side, Gus; a super cool, rockstar who also happened to be Kate’s best friend, goes off the rails. He is drinking a lot to deal with his pain and having sex with seemingly anything that moves. As Rook; his band, go back on tour it provides the perfect environment for his self-destructive behaviour. It gets so bad that the band start missing shows and when Claire is brought in to support the band through the tour, things get even worse as she starts providing Gus with drugs.

The tour manager; known as Hitler, brings in a babysitter called Scout to keep an eye on Gus and ensure he gets to the shows each night. He quickly nicknames her Impatience and the two couldn’t have much less in common, the only communication they have is through post-it notes. However, a friendship starts to blossom and Gus helps ensure that Scout has a job following the end of the tour.

They begin living in close proximity to each other and learning each other’s truths rather than persona utilised during the tour and their friendship blossoms.

I’ll leave it there so I don’t give too much away but you should “Do Epic.”

I once again listened to this book on Audible and really enjoyed it. It helped get me through my walks for my one million step challenge in aid of Diabetes UK (feel free to sponsor me here) and kept me company on my early morning commutes to work.

These books are not a literary genius, but they are easy going and happy whilst also dealing with real issues. Although the main characters and protagonists are different in this instalment there are a lot of the same characters featured which makes it an easy transition.

There is a third book focusing on Franco from Gus’ band, but I feel quite happy where I’m at and will probably leave the series here. I would have read/listened if it was from Scout’s or Keller’s point of view though.

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