Stock Ghyll Force

I love a waterfall, and since I’ve started doing the One Million Step Challenge again for Diabetes UK it’s a lovely way to get outdoors and moving. My boyfriend saw some pictures on Facebook of Stock Ghyll Force, so when I had a day off; super busy NHS worker right now, we jumped in the car and headed over to Amble. We were fully prepared for a couple of miles hike, but this is a surprisingly short walk.

In the top right corner of Ambleside is the Salutation Hotel and there is a little path behind it that leads you up to the waterfall. By my books it is a pretty steep walk but totally worth it. You go up the road with a little stream/brook running on your left hand side; there is a house with an amazing little bit of yard jutting out over it. Then as you get to some apartments which look like they must be a converted mill you turn left onto a muddy path.

The first fall you come to was my favourite. A nice wide fall which was super picturesque. You can view it from the muddy trail, or traverse down to get closer. It wasn’t the most dangerous route down but I wouldn’t do it if it’s too wet!

You then follow the stream further up hill and come across a pool with a little bridge. From here you get the first look at the main fall. It is pretty high and has a rugged appearance with the water falling numerous different ways rather in one stream.

You can climb right up the side of the fall using the muddy path and steps. There are lots of photo opportunities too! When you get to the top of the fall there is a wooden bridge to cross and head down the other side.

When you go down the far side of the fall you end up on the little wooden bridge that crosses the pool at the bottom of the fall.

All in all, from leaving Ambleside up, over and down it was only about a 1mile walk. It took about an hour because of how steep it was and the numerous photo opportunities. I would definitely recommend a nosey the next time you are in the area. I imagine it is astonishing when there has been a lot of rain too!

We walked down to the lake too where there were some ducks and boats and it just seemed super stereotypical but I loved it!

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