Bright Side by Kim Holden

This is only my second Audible book. I started listening to it trying to discover if listening to a book distracted me better when running, it didn’t but I really got into this book so finished it anyway.

My friend Leandra recommended Bright Side and she has a similar taste in easy romantic and a little bit smutty books. Therefore, this was perfect.

Bright Side has a duel narration from Kate and Keller. It isn’t an equal split narration and we hear predominantly from Kate, it usually frustrates me when it’s that way but I found I related more to Kate and I understand a lot of Keller’s appeal is his mystery so yeah it’s okay.

Kate is a first year student at Grant college and has faced more adversity in her life than anybody should have to. Her best friend Gus; he calls her Bright Side, is a hot rockstar in a band. They’ve been best friends forever, however, the night before she leaves for college they spend the night together leaving us wondering whether they are just supposed to be together.

Keller works in the coffee shop near campus that becomes Kate’s go to. The first time he meets her he is fascinated by her but he is a secret in Chicago which keeps them apart.

It’s a pretty predictable story with a few interesting twists; mostly just back story we are slowly introduced to. It touches on some important themes; teenage pregnancy, disability, alcoholism, cancer and hate crimes to name a few. I definitely became invested enough to want to listen to the next book but its also not a literary genius. I’d give is 4 out of 5 stars just because I enjoyed it.

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