Lockdown Life

Hi guys,

Just thought I’d write a quick message to ask you all how you’re doing in lockdown and update you on what I’ve been up to. As an NHS employee my life hasn’t totally changed like a lot of people’s have, although my day to day work and working schedule is a little different. I feel like because I’ve been heading to work most days I probably don’t feel as restricted by the virus as a lot of people. However, I am really missing going to the theatre, concerts and cinema. I also had a holiday cancelled which sucked! My blog has been very book focused recently, generally just because there’s nothing much else actually going on.

I did restart the Couch to 5k after my numerous failed attempts in the past. Although this time, I am on week 6 and feeling really proud of myself! Run 1 week 1 I literally couldn’t even do 8 x 1min runs and the other day I managed to run for 20mins without stopping! Clearly is worth just sticking to and not being too overwhelmed by week 4/5 (which I have been in the past). Despite, my new running hobby and the fact that I’m currently on my first ever perfect month on my apple watch, my weight loss is not going well… But never mind you only live once and currently food is comfort!

Anyway, that’s all I really had to say, nothing much going on otherwise. How are you guys all coping with lockdown and the slightly lifted restrictions recently? Also, what are you most looking forward to when this is over? Let me know!

Lots of love

Sami x

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