The Crown by Kiera Cass

Eadlyn’s selection continues in the fifth book. After Queen America suffered a heart attack at the end of The Heir and Eadlyn is required to step up as Regent whilst King Maxon supports her through her recovery, she decides the best option is to reduce the selection group to the final six; The Elite. Leaving Kile, Henri, Hale, Fox, Ean and Gunner.

Given the circumstances everybody is encouraging of Eadlyn and suggest she could end the selection without picking a husband; which is what she has wanted all along. But with Ahren’s departure to France to meet Camille, he left behind a letter within which he informed Eadlyn that the people of Illéa didn’t love her the way she presumed. So feeling like picking a husband the nation loves would be a good way to earn their appreciation she continues.

I like this last glimpse into Eadlyn’s life as I feel she finally becomes more human and likeable; which I presume Cass does on purpose to show her growth. Up until the bitter end she is willing to choose somebody for her country rather than herself which seems very noble.

It is a little bit rushed and predictable to an extent at the end; with regards her selection decision anyway, but I did enjoy it once I got into it. Although like The Heir I had to force myself to get through a good section before I was thoroughly enjoying it. I don’t remember not loving it the first time round so either I just remembered bits of it which made it less interesting or my reading style has changed in the years since it was originally released?

I was super excited to crack straight on with Cass’ new book The Betrothed. However, my friend has been reading them at the same time as me and has told me how it isn’t actually related at all and she isn’t enjoying it. In fairness we had assumed it was related because of the cover… then to make my decision for me. My kindle died. So I’ve had to switch to a paperback for now which is a Jodi Picoult I’ve never read instead.

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