The Heir by Kiera Cass

It’s the future. King Maxon and Queen America have four of their own children; Eadlyn, Ahren, Kaden and Ostend. They have successfully demolished the castes but the people of Illéa still are not content.

Eadlyn; as the oldest child although only by 7minutes, is next in line for the thrown. And although the idea of the Selection and/or marrying princesses off to suitors for political gain are gone. Maxon finds himself requesting for his daughter to consider having a selection to appease the people.

With no intention of getting married, Eadlyn agrees to a selection for 3 months if she can choose to not get married at the end. She is determined she wants to be independent and doesn’t want to be seen as weak needing a man to stand by her side. However, this need to be powerful is the very reason the public dislike Eadlyn, she is a spoiled, self-centred brat and throughout the book Eadlyn finally starts to realise.

I’m absolutely not used to disliking the protagonist in a book so it took me a while to wade threw the first half of this book. I also found myself disappointed that America and Maxon would let their child act this way. Luckily, the boys kept me hooked as they are so nice. My friend reminded me that if the Selection was written by Maxon’s point of view it probably would’ve been very different too.

All in all, this is not my favourite book in the series, but I guess Cass had to do something to make it different from the original selection. And I do still find myself intrigued; because I’ve forgotten, who she will pick. My personal favourites are Kile and Erik; even though he’s not actually in it.

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