The One by Kiera Cass

Only four girls are left and America definitely isn’t in the good books; although at least we now know she has picked Maxon over Aspen. At the end of The Elite, Maxon saved America from going home, but challenged her that she needed to prove her love and commitment to her.

Determined she can do just that, America plans an elaborate sexy outside to seduce Maxon like how she has witnessed him being seduced by Celeste previously. However, it becomes clear that Maxon just wants her to be herself, just a better behaved version of herself to appease the public and the King.

King Clarkson has no intention of being swayed and tries one last time to set America up to fail in front of the people. One of the final challenges the Elite are required to complete is to show their obedience to the law. Four criminals are brought in; one for each girl, and they are required to confirm their sentences. The Ultimate moral decision lies ahead for America.

I’ll not ruin anymore of the story, but, similar as to how in book two I was desperate for her to pick, in book three I was frustrated neither of them would admit they were in love.

I like the integration of the rebels , however, considering this was originally the end of the trilogy there wasn’t enough closure for me about how the rebels, Maxon and America would work together in the future. I also wanted more for an epilogue. I still love it though!

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