The Elite by Kiera Cass

As The Selection is narrowed down to the final 6 girls America is torn whether to dedicate herself to Maxon or not. Especially with Aspen in the palace as a guard and no longer destined to be a six but a two.

It starts to look like America has made her mind up when Maxon arranges to throw a Halloween party in her honour and asks her Dad’s permission to marry her. The story literally could have ended there but America’s lack of trust in Macon’s decisions and inability to just ask him what she wants to know leads her down a long path or indecision. Unfortunately for her, whilst she is indecisive Maxon develops a relationship with another of the Elite.

I don’t like this second book as much as the first because I feel myself getting exasperated with her inability to make a decision. However, I like seeing Maxon’s vulnerability more and the relationships between the girls and Queen Amberley develop. There is also more action with the rebels attacking the palace and some secrets of Illéa being discovered.

Down to just four girls it’s time for The One.

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