The Selection by Kiera Cass

This is my favourite series of books and this will be my third or fourth time reading them in honour of the new book being released this week. If like me you love the Bachelor (and simultaneously hate that you cannot watch it anywhere in the UK) and the Hunger Games, an easy read and some simple romance with a dash of drama this is the series for you!

America Singer is a Five; a class of people pre-destined to be artists, she lives a very modest life with her parents being careful about their expense, including limiting meals. It appears that the aim of society; a new country called Illea, is to marry somebody from a higher class to move up the system, however, America has fallen in love with Aspen who is only a Six, therefore, they live their relationship in secret.

One day it is announced that Prince Maxon; as a royal he is a One, is looking for a bride and all eligible girls in the country can put themselves forward to become his wife. This is where it gets very Bachelor-esque. 35 girls; one from each province, are picked and moved in to the palace to date Maxon.

America’s first introduction to the Prince doesn’t go to plan when she faints on a guard after demanding to be allowed outside and refused. When Maxon realises what is going on he insists they allow her outside and goes to try to comfort her. However, America lets her preconceived opinions of the Prince loose putting herself at risk of elimination.

Surprisingly, the Prince does not eliminate American and instead the pair develop a friendship and an agreement to help each other. However, can she forget about Aspen and progress into something more? Or is she just there for the money and food?

Don’t get me wrong Cass isn’t the most intriguing writer and it is pretty obvious what is going to happen. But there’s something so easy and relatable to America that I find myself falling in love with Maxon for her. Definitely a series to add to the pile if you’re looking for a quick easy read that doesn’t require much thought.

Now on to the next instalment: The Elite.

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