One Of Us Is Lying by Karen M. McManus

This book has been on my physical bookshelf for quite a while (yes I read the physical book and not a kindle book). I think I actually got it by swapping some books I was bought for Christmas a few years ago that I had already read. So I hadn’t been overly eager to read it but it’s been there sat and I thought with the current lock down minimising my travel, now is the time to read a physical book if there every was one.

The cover states ‘a geek, a jock, a criminal, a princess, a murder. Who would you believe?’ And that really does pretty much sum up the entire story. And it is told by all four stereotypes with a changing narrator which has us convinced they’re all innocent whilst also questioning who has actually committed the murder??

Bronwyn (the geek), Cooper (the jock), Addy (the princess) and Nate (the criminal) all end up in detention one day after believing they were framed to be found with mobile phones on their person breaking school rules. With them is also Simon the local ‘gossip girl’ who shares everybody’s secrets on an online forum. Up until detention the four individuals have nothing in common and most of them barely acknowledge each other’s existence. However, when Simon dies during detention and the other four find themselves the central of a police investigation into his murder they quickly learn they the only people they can trust are each other.

I feel like after my battle with the Mortal Instruments books this was exactly what I needed. It was a quick read that managed to keep me engaged and guessing. I think I had it worked out only a few chapters before it spelt it out to me and I quite like it that way (I feel smart enough to have worked it out but not frustrated enough that it’s stupid). My copy of the book has cool red edged pages too which makes it more exciting. My plan was to just read some standalone books and get through a few, but I haven’t been able to help myself but buy the next book ready to start straight away (and it has blue edged pages).

If you’re look for an easy YA book without too much romance this is a great choice! I really do love some YA books to make the world a happier place sometimes.

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