As much as I love Disney Classics I was definitely brought up with the ‘girlier’ ones on VHS. So although I had seen Pinocchio it never really featured for me of what it was actually about. Just that When You Wish Upon A Star was a lovely song.

Pinocchio actually has some pretty good messages in it, obviously ‘do not lie’ is pretty clear, but also to respect your parents and do the right thing not necessarily the most exciting.

The story itself is a little bit bizarre really isn’t it? One minute he’s a mannequin, then he’s in a circus, then he’s rescuing Geppetto from inside of a giant whale. So it’s definitely not my favourite Disney classic but it’s fine. I imagine it would have a nostalgic attachment to it if it had been one I was brought up watching.

What I do think is interesting is that the story that Walt Disney based Pinocchio off included Pinocchio killing Jiminey Cricket, getting his feet burned off and being hanged. I’m sure Snow White was originally a vicious fairytale too. So it’s quite interesting he turned these well known stories into something else which became the prominent version of the tale.

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