The Photograph

I usually love a pretty story-less romantic film for an easy laid back watch so I was looking forward to seeing The Photograph with my sister at Cineworld Newcastle last night. Now I know why I haven’t really heard of it and we were the only people in the screen.

The photograph tells the story of Michael (LaKeith Stanfield), a journalist from New York who travels to Louisiana for a story. When he’s there he meets an older gentleman called Isaac (Rob Morgan/Y’Lan Noel) who shows him a series of photographs. Michael is intrigued by the photographs and the story behind them; the lady who has took the pictures was Isaac’s girlfriend but had left Louisiana and moved to New York and seemingly never looked back. Michael decides to track down Christina (Chantè Adams) to see more of her photography, but instead meets Mae (Issa Rae), her daughter dealing with Christina’s recent death and a letter her mother left her.

All of the acting was fine, no real standout performances no cringe ones. But my god was it slow and boring! And super super super predictable. I was about 10/15mins through the film when I first considered leaving; and it’s a long time since I’ve left mid-film. But I stuck it out to the end for a chance to have all of my predictions confirmed.

I actually don’t even think I would’ve watched this entire film if it was on Netflix in the background whilst I was doing something else. It did have hints of The Notebook with flashing back and forth in time, but it just didn’t capture my heart or interest at all. Unfortunately, I would not recommend this film.

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