Love Is Blind

Wow. I love a reality TV show, especially one that is looking for love, but this is really weird. It started with thirty men and women who entered a “house” which separated the sexes and enabled them to “date” without ever seeing each other. Basically they each sat in rooms with a sofa and a screen and spoke to each other. We don’t know what the rules are in regard to how often they are allowed each other, but I got the impression they spoke once per day. We also do not know how many people they spoke to or how the individual relationships developed as it focuses on the specific relationships which would blossom.

After the couples have spoken and “fallen in love” a proposal would occur. Once they were engaged, they would physically meet the next day. They would each approach from a separate room at each end of a corridor sort of area, meet in the middle kiss or whatever, have what appears to be a few minutes together then be separated again. This is where I expected the show to end. However, they were then whisked off to Mexico for a holiday.

Personally, I think that holidays really are a test of a relationship because you are together all day everyday, and one couple didn’t survive more than a few days on the holidays. The rest of the couples seemed to be doing well. However, a curveball was thrown when they realised that they were all in the same place and were encouraged to spend some time as a group. This sounds like it would be okay, but bear in mind they all started by speaking to everybody, and some individuals did develop relationships with people who they didn’t end up with I imagine it would’ve been super awkward. This issue was particularly prominent for two couples of which one half of each was pretty invested in another.

Following the holiday they then headed home to move into an apartment together for two weeks. This is the first time they get a real look into each others lives, meet each others family, see where they live and get to know the real person. They also had to start planning their weddings.

I get that this show was all termed as an experiment, BUT, the fact that all of the couples that made it that far planned weddings and went through with them to then stand at the alter and determine either “I do” or “I don’t” seemed really cruel. I would have preferred the relationships to come to a more natural end if it was necessary.

Also, why were Nick and Vanessa Lachey brought in as “hosts’? They literally appeared twice, didn’t even attend the weddings! Was a little bit pointless. Don’t get me wrong, I watched the whole series, and I probably would watch another series if one came. But it was a bit cruel and I definitely wouldn’t personally participate.



My final thoughts on finishing the show are:

1. Jessica was NEVER going to marry mark and she was so cruel for looking so smug when he said ‘I do’

2. Shock horror!! Lauren made it through the ceremony without mentioning that she is black. He didn’t care what colour her skin was as did none of the audience so why was she so fixated on it? People might say I don’t understand because I’m white which I would accept but *eye roll*

3. I’m heartbroken for Gigi! I really liked her

4. Did Kenny really think that Kelly would go through with it when she couldn’t even have sex with him?!?

5. I can’t cope that Amber and Matt actually made it!

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