City of Fallen Angels (Mortal Instruments #4) by Cassandra Clare

We leave City of Glass with the story quite nicely rounded off; Valentine is dead, Clary and Jace can be together, Luke and Jocelyn are going to be together, Simon has his choice of Maia or Isabelle basically, Alec introduced Magnus to his family and everything was a happy ending. Other than where the real Jonathan’s body went, there are no loose ends. Therefore, Cass had the opportunity to take the story anywhere she wanted.

City of Fallen Angels, focuses a little bit more on Simon’s life as a Vampire. During the battle in Idris, Clary put a Mark of Cain on Simon’s forehead, meaning he is pretty much untouchable. However, it also makes him twice as special, he’s a daylights and unkillable.  One of the oldest and strongest vampires in the world; Camille, approaches him with a proposition to become her second in command. She points out to him that he will never have anywhere else to fit, his friends will grow old without him, his family will wander why he’s not ageing and the Shadow Hunters will also think of him as a DownWorlder and not as good as them.

In the meantime, there are Shadowhunters turning up dead around the city. All of which with one common thread… they used to be members of Valentine’s circle.

Of course there also has to be some drama between Clary and Jace. He’s avoiding her and she doesn’t know why and he’s having strange nightmares. There’s also a hot new werewolf on the scene with a hidden past, oooooo.

I feel like I started this instalment with some real intrigue not sure where the story went next; I literally can barely remember anything from the first time I read it. However, somewhere around the middle I started to struggle to keep my focus on the story and the last 2 hours took me four hours to read! I’m getting to the point now where I’m just determined to finish the series and move onto something else.


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