Midnight Sun

Wow. It’s a while since I’ve cried THAT much at a film. I remember this film being advertised at the cinema and thinking I definitely wanted to see it, but then for one reason or another never got round to it. So when I saw it on Netflix and I was spending Valentine’s with my lovely mamma-bear it seemed like a great option. A couple of tissues later and we’re both an emotional mess!

Midnight Sun is based on the book of the same name by Trish Cook; which I actually haven’t read which is surprising. Katie Price (Bella Thorne); not to be confused with Jordan, is a regular teenager with a crush on the boy who walks past her window everyday, except she isn’t normal at all, she has a rare disease called Xenoderma Pigmentosum (XP) which means she is allergic to sunlight and literally cannot be exposed to it at all. Charlie (Patrick Schwarzenegger) on the other hand really is normal and goes to high school where he’s on the swim team and pretty popular. They meet at the train station one night whilst Katie is busking and love story starts right there. There is one problem though, Katie doesn’t tell Charlie about her XP and when one date runs particularly late: or early, she gets caught in the sunrise.

I’m not a particularly big Bella Thorne fan but I really loved this film and she was pretty good in it. I didn’t even dislike her singing voice in it even though it’s not necessarily my type. Patrick Schwarzenegger was great, totally hot and a good actor to go with it. I always appreciate when actors with famous parents don’t just land the huge roles but it feels like he’s having to really work for it.

I must say, there is a possibility I enjoyed this film so much because it was SO similar to my favourite movie of all time: A Walk To Remember. I am now quite curious to read the book to see how much is similar to the Nicholas Sparks’ novel and how much is just from the film adaptation. A great catch my Netflix though as I would happily watch it over and over!

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