Beamish Hall

This might make it look like I go to Beamish Hall a lot (I visit the Christmas Market a few years back & the high ropes course) but this was the first time I’d stayed over night. My boyfriend surprised me for an early Valentine’s Day; he works away so he’s not here for actual Valentine’s, and booked one of the feature rooms. We were allocated “The Iris” which was pretty much just at the top of the stairs; nice and convenient. The room was absolutely beautiful.

There were some strange things in the room; like the two alcoves on either side of the room. But overall it was really beautifully decorated and nice and big. I loved the free standing mirror. There was also lovely sash windows which looked out over the front lawn of the hotel.

The bathroom was even better! I love a free standing tub and it had a chandelier over the top. It also had a shelf across the tub to rest your wine/book/iPad whatever you fancy.


The shower looked great as it was a big walk in unit. However, the reality of the logistics is that the door opened up practically into the spray and there were big spaces on either side that had nothing… kind of a strange set up, but I guess it looked good!

We pre-booked to have dinner in the Stables restaurant which I’ll put a separate review up for. And we had breakfast included in our price. Breakfast was great, although it was quiet so quite strange to sit in the big room. I ordered Eggs Royale which is literally my favourite breakfast choice.

The staff were all very accommodating and friendly. Our only complaint; which to be fair is quite a big one, is that the room was uncomfortably hot through the night. The windows had been tampered so that you couldn’t leave them open, and there was no thermostat in the room. It literally prevented us from being able to sleep which was frustrating. When I mentioned it to the staff as I was checking out, I got told “you should’ve said something we would’ve given you a fan.” Which when you’re paying for a premium room, I just didn’t find adequate. It was lovely, though more visual than comfort.

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