City of Glass (Mortal Instruments #3) by Cassandra Clare

Clary has a new mission after finding out at the end of City of Ashes that her Mom has put herself in a coma to protect her, the secrets she knows and her family. The only way she can find the answer of how to get her Mom back is to travel to Idris the shadowhunter city and find the warlock that helped her. However, Jace has a plan to stop her getting there. Which obviously backfires and the whole gang end up in Alicante.

Whilst Clary is looking for the warlock, Valentine continues his quest for the mortal instruments and attacks the shadowhunters as they have never been attacked before

There are a lot of new characters introduced in this instalment whilst all of the old ones remain integral to the story. Simon finally becomes a bit more independent but Clary and Jace’s dilemma over being brother and sister continues; possibly my least favourite storyline ever. It’s definitely a dramatic instalment and there are some characters lost along the way. The books just always seem super long! It also feels like it was maybe originally the planned ending to the series, the baddy is dead what is going to come next? Oops sorry I hope nobody is reading this review before reading the book… but it’s a valid point! I do really like the additional angels and demons input from valentine experimenting with their blood mind!

On to the next one…


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