Adam Rowe – Pinnacle Tour

I’ve seen Adam Rowe do a couple of sets around the north east; usually with my favourite comedian Jason Cook. He’s always super down to earth and funny so when my sister asked if I wanted two tickets to see him tonight of course I said yes.

Firstly, if you are easily offended Adam Rowe is definitely not the comedian for you; he suggested everybody over the age of 50 should kill themselves in tonight’s show. And secondly, if you’re strongly opinionated by something, you probably shouldn’t risk going to see him either because chances are you’re not going to agree with him, and as he says you’re going to see him not the other way around so he doesn’t care if he offends you. Thirdly, he’s Scouse; just wanted to warn you just in case.

The show was quite a mixed bag but centred around how mad the world has gone in being politically correct and ensuring nobody is offended and everything is diverse. Adam basically says what a lot of us are thinking, forcing diversity can be just as wrong. Some things do really cut close, but generally everything he says are things that we are all usually thinking; like the fact that Michael Jackson is probably a paedophile but we pretend he’s not because we like his music. Oh and it’s okay, I agree men do not have to want to be bummed to not be homophobic and not wanting to have sex with Caitlin Jenner does not make your transphobic. It’s okay!

The one thing I didn’t love about tonight’s show was the pace. I felt like at times it was awkward waiting for the next joke and there were some awkward silences. I like a fast paced comedy show and it just didn’t quite flow that well for me.

His support act; Lauren Pattison on the other hand has great pace! And she was much funnier than the last time I saw her. I did feel like at times she resembled Sarah Millican in voice a little bit but never mind, I also wondered how anybody not local could understand her accent. Her killer lines were about the tories and her niece though!

All in all though it was a great show though and the tour just started tonight, so if you get the chance go along! I did miss the old call centre job jokes mind. Tickets are really reasonable too. Also gotta give some love to The Customs House in South Shields for becoming a proper little comedy hub thanks to Jason Cook!

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