Little Women

In case you didn’t already know, I’m an absolute book worm, however, other than books I had to read for school/college I’ve never really got into the classics. But I was super excited for this movie. I remember falling in love with a song from the musical when I was about 19; although I’ve never actually seen it.

Little women tells the story of Jo March (Saoirse Ronan), and her three sister Meg (Emma Watson), Amy (Florence Pugh) and Beth (Eliza Scanlen), and their movement from childhood to womanhood. They each have different priorities in life; for example, Jo wants to be an author and provide for her family, which leads them in different directions through life.

It was literally such a lovely film, I cried and I laughed and I felt like seeing it with my sister was perfect. Saoirse Ronan plays her usual strong, independent woman determined to prove people wrong. It was strange seeing Emma Watson play a more ‘grown up’ role, but she still had her elegance and poise. I had never seen Florence Pugh in anything before (I don’t think) but she was very strong and a great actress. Eliza Scanlen was probably the weakest part, but that could’ve been down to the role she was playing as the youngest sister who suffers with illness. Laura Dern was great as the Marmee too! I’m sort of disappointed I didn’t mind Laurie a heart throb though. The fashion was amazing and god I wish I lived in a time where women wore fancy dresses all of the time! Poor Meryl Streep only had a small role as Aunt March and boy did she look rough. You’ve always got to love Meryl Streep though, and she plays the character you need to dislike so well.

A real family film which makes you feel really good. I can’t wait to see it again already!

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