City of Ashes (Mortal Instruments #2) by Cassandra Clare

After the dramatic ending of City of Bones: Hodge being a baddy, Clary’s Mom being found but unconscious and the bombshell that Clary and Jace are brother and sister meaning their romance is totally inappropriate, City of Ashes could literally go anywhere!

It starts with Jace being questioned by the Inquisitor on behalf of the Clave as he instantly became untrustworthy following the revelation that he hadn’t been living with Michael Wayland but actually Valentine for lots of year. The clave is afraid he is a spy and send him to the Silent City to prepare for his questioning. However, before they are able to question him, Valentine appears in the Silent City slaughtering all of the Silent Brothers and obtaining the mortal sword; to go with the mortal cup he already has from book one.

From there, the book is filled with drama. Jace is torn between the loyalty to his father that everybody presumes him to have, and his loyalty to the Clave, other shadow hunters and doing good. Clary on the other hand is distracting herself from her feelings towards her brother by throwing herself at her best friend Simon; oh yeah, who is a vampire now, and also continuing to try to find the answer to why her Mom is unconscious. We also see more of Magnus and his blossoming secret relationship with Alec which I love.

Other than Jace making his decision between good and evil, possibly the biggest information we receive through this chapter of the series, is that Jace and Clary both have extra powers above and beyond the norm of shadow hunters, and they were caused by Valentine… Ooooo! How did they get them? And what do they actually mean?

Got to stay tuned for book 3!


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