I used to be quite the musical connoisseur but in recent years I’ve definitely disconnected quite a bit from the musical theatre world. When my trip to London with my boyfriend turned last minute into a weekend away in London with my Mam I wanted some last minute cheap tickets for a musical.

My immediate choice was ‘& Juliet’ because of the soundtrack being right up my street. However, the cheap tickets I’d had my eye on sold. So I took to Today Tix to see what musicals had £25 rush tickets. I saw Waitress on the list and vaguely remembered hearing some good things about it and that Joe Sugg was in it; he’s not anymore it’s done… luckily I managed to bag some stalls tickets on the Rush Tickets sale.

Our seats were really good; I’ve never got rush tickets before so I was really impressed. I must say I was a little bit disappointed that the curtain wasn’t all that instagram-able as it was just a pastry crust… but there were also tons of pies in old fashioned cases up the sides.

Lucie Jones plays Jenna; the female lead, a pie maker/waitress who married too young and lives a ‘happy enough’ life. When her colleagues, the hilarious Dawn (Hannah Tointon) and Becky (Sandra Marvin), force her to take a pregnancy test Jenna panics as she doesn’t want to have a baby with her aggressive and dominating husband Earl (Tamlyn Henderson). However, one things leads to another when Dr Pomatter (David Hunter – he really reminded me of John Krasinski) shows Jenna the love and compassion a woman should receive from a man.

It’s a romantic comedy with a twist because presumably the majority of the audience like me are furious there are affairs yet can empathise with their feelings for each other. It genuinely is funny but I also cried real actual sad tears. And it’s definitely a bit naughty so not one to visit as a family!

I’ve seen Lucie Jones quite a few times; XFactor, We Will Rock You & Legally Blonde, but this is definitely the best thing I’ve ever seen her do, the soft vocals suited her so beautifully. The music was amazing too, you can definitely tell it was written by Sara Bareilles and it’ll be really interesting when she takes up the role in January. I literally loved it and felt overwhelmed with emotion throughout. I want to go back and see it again!

Oh and be prepared. You’re allowed to take pictures of the bows which I think is a lovely touch!

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