Last Christmas

I was so excited for this film. I love Christmas, Emilia Clarke and I think Henry Golding is pretty cute. I do always try to wait for December before I watch Christmas movies, but I was worried if I didn’t go and see it I’d miss out…. stupid I know.

Last Christmas follows Kate (Emilia Clarke) a 20 something who works as an elf in a Christmas store in London. She is struggling to make her mark in life to the point that she doesn’t even have a place to stay; her clumsy and irresponsible lifestyle have left her unwelcome at all of friends’ houses. When she meets Tom (Henry Golding) she is hopeful her luck is going to change.

Emma Thompson provides some hilarious lines as Kate’s Mum Petra and Emilia Clarke utilises her usual ditzy wit to keep you entertained; she also has some wonderfully quirky outfits.

If it wasn’t for the adverts claiming that this was the ‘Christmas film of the decade’ I think I would’ve really enjoyed it, but I had high expectations and I just found it a bit disappointing. But it’s Christmas so you’ve got to just enjoy it really. And I do appreciate a British comedy. Just maybe a little bit too predictable and not enough drama.

Oh I was also disappointed because I was waiting for careless whisper and fast love since it was all George Michael music but neither came!

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