Houston Zoo

Another stop with our Houston City Pass was to Houston Zoo. I had been to the zoo back in 2016 and really enjoyed it, so I was excited to go back. I was determined that we had to be at the zoo in time for the elephant bath so we arrived at 9.30 to an absolutely desolate zoo with no other visitors around. It was also super cold which I wasn’t prepared for in Texas, even in October.

The elephant bath wasn’t really an elephant bath as the keepers had done it early to make sure the elephants would be dry before going outside in the cold. They did however, show us some of their training which was quite impressive; especially since one of them was just a little baby elephant. The lions were next and pretty cool because you could walk through a tunnel putting you at eye level with them and get closer; thanks to the volunteers who told us!


Possibly the highlight of my day was feeding the giraffe! It didn’t even look like it was going to happen because none of the staff were eager to get it started but it was $7 each for a couple of pieces of lettuce to feed. It was pretty expensive really, but luckily for us there was nobody else around so the staff just kept handing us lettuce to feed. I think the giraffe was called Joshua and it was super nice and took even the smallest bits of lettuce off me without any aggression.


I was also super impressed with the chimpanzee enclosure , it was nice and big but also looked like they have lots of enrichment for them. I was literally so impressed when I saw one of the chimps come inside the enclosure to use a tap to get some water; seriously how clever?!?!

And it was the gorilla’s birthday so he had a banner and stuff.


They were definitely my highlights but there were lots of other animals too! I’d definitely suggest taking your own food and drink with you if you can as the food was overpriced and not great. I would quite like to do one of the daytime experiences too because I know somebody who did the sloth experience and said it was great. Maybe next time!

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