Pizza Punks Newcastle

This was our visit to Pizza Punks and our expectations were high from hearing a lot from family and friends. It was a double date night with my sister and her boyfriend so we just wanted somewhere chill where we could talk and enjoy some good food and drinks.

When we arrived it was pretty busy and we we were given a table right in the middle of the entry way. Luckily; because I hate sitting where people are walking past you the whole time, when I asked to move tables they were really accommodating. Our waiter was called Alex and other than not being able to recommend the best toppings; because he thought most of them were amazing, he was great! He was super friendly, prompt when we wanted him and amazingly got our orders spot on even though we were rubbish at making them.

Basically, all of the pizzas are sourdough base, but then you can pick your sauce; perfect for somebody like me who doesn’t eat tomato, and unlimited toppings. Alex recommended that we pick no more than 6 ‘proteins’ and then fill it up with veg. I was a bit sceptical being a regular at Asda’s create your own pizza where you get one topping per slice basically but they literally filled it up. It was so good! I had the mac & cheese on mine which I would definitely recommend. I wasn’t a huge fan of the fajita chicken though… I also ordered a lovely cocktail which I can’t remember the name of but it involves love hearts… might have had a sneaky 3 of them… the others seemed really happy with the beer choices too. We will definitely be back!

My super packed pizza


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