Seeker (Sweep #10) – Cate Tiernan

Hunter’s parents fled their village when him and his siblings were young and they were brought up by his aunt and uncle. Hunter has a theory that they were fleeing the Dark Wave which destroyed the rest of their village, however, he has a lot of unanswered questions: Why didn’t they take them? Why didn’t they warn the rest of the village? Why did they leave? Covens usually stick together through these things. They’ve also never been in touch, not even when his little brother killed himself messing with dark magick, however, he got a vision from them recently and now he wants to find them.

The council informs winter that his parents are living in a small town near Quebec in Canada. So he plans a visit to see them. He wants nothing more than to take his girlfriend; Morgan, with him, but she has school and her parents would never let him go, so off he goes alone. What he finds it not the happy family he was hoping for, and he experiences temptations he has never faced before.

I like that this story has more of a focus than Strife, but it also feels a little weird to get to the tenth book in the series and all of a sudden have a different narrator; until now all of the books have been told from the point of view of Morgan. I also feel like he sort of forgets about Morgan until every now and again it seems like she is forcibly remembered. If they are soul mates the way we are made to believe I’d hope she featured a bit more in his thoughts…

All in all, this book is better than book 9, but it still feels that Tiernan kept the series going maybe longer than it should have been.


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