Strife (Sweep #9) – Cate Tiernan

Let’s round-up, Cal and Selene are dead, Ciaran has disappeared but has a tracker on him that Morgan planted so that the council can track him. Through 8 books there was a lot of drama. What next? This book is almost like a bit of a filler before something new starts. Morgan’s grades are suffering and she is struggling to find the balance between Wicca and schoolwork; although I always got the impression Morgan was a natural student and didn’t really have to put much effort in but never mind, as her parents are pushing her to do well at school and Hunter and Erin; some woman sent by the council to train her, are encouraging her to focus on her magick.

Not only are we faced with Morgan’s dilemma of what to prioritise in her life, strange things also start to happen. Books start flying off shelves, levitation, strange things happen at circles and the members of her coven; including Hunter, become worried that Morgan is doing these things unknowingly. People are scared, and Ailsa; the youngest coven member, leaves Kithic and threatens to reveal Morgan’s magick to others. Ailsa is also Mary K’s best friend which causes more of a rift between the sisters.

My favourite part of this book is when the sisters go ice-skating with their Aunts and Morgan discovers she can use healing magick. All in all, this book doesn’t really add anything to the overall story. And I think what frustrates me even more is it’s pretty clear who is causing the problems but even when Morgan realises it isn’t dealt with and just brushed under the carpet to be picked back up in three books time.


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