I love a good British drama and a music based film, so this film looked right up my street. I was super excited when Cineworld announced it would one of their June previews, so me and my sister booked in with our Unlimited cards for Wednesday night. First of all, I was shocked how quiet the screening was. It’s been a while since I’ve been to an unlimited screening, but as standard they tend to be quite busy and this was probably half full if that; I think including us there were seven people in our row. However, I was super glad we went.

Yesterday tells the story of Jack Malik (Himesh Patel) who is a struggling singer song writer playing terrible gigs that his manager Ellie (Lily James) managers to arrange for him. Following a dream festival gig in which he could count the audience on one hand, Jack decides to quit pursuing a music career and go back to teaching. However, during a global 12 second black out Jack is hit by a bus and things change for good; nobody knows who The Beatles are any longer.

Seemingly the answer to all of Jack’s troubles he furiously tries to remember all of the music and lyrics to the sometimes difficult Beatles songs. However, still nobody is interested; not even his Mum (Meera Syal) and Dad (Sanjeev Bhaskar) can sit through a full song without interrupting him. Then with the help of Gavin (Alexander Arnold), a local guy with a recording studio in a converted train station who clearly fancies Ellie, Jack makes a demo which rockets his career forward until he catches the eye of local superstar Ed Sheeran.

I saw a great interview with Ed Sheeran and Richard Curtis before the release of the movie where they talked about Chris Martin originally being approached to play the “super successful rock star.” When that fell through Curtis approached Ed to request contact details for Harry Styles when Ed offered his own services. I am such a big Ed Sheeran fan so I’m glad we got to listen to some more of his music, I just wish he was a better actor because in this film he is alongside some phenomenal British acting talent and he is a little stinted.

Anyway, moving on. After playing support at Ed’s gig in Russia; where obviously he debuted Back In The USSR, social media blows up and things really start moving for Jack. He is flown to LA by Ed’s manager Debra (Kate McKinnon) to record an album and shoots for fame. Thus begins Jack’s dilemma, does he continue on the projectile for the fame he has always craved, or does he do the “right thing” and come clean and return home to his friends and family.

I honestly thought this film was such a great British summer easy watch movie. It is obviously classic good music that everybody knows, an interesting spin of “what if…” and a great story of achieving your dream v being morally right. I also really thought Himesh Patel sounded like Tom Fletcher (from McFly) in some of the songs which I LOVED! And of course Lily James was really cute and quirky that you couldn’t help but be on her team. I couldn’t recommend this enough when it comes out on Friday it’s just such a feel good movie!


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