Changeling (Sweep #8) – Cate Tiernan

Following straight on from The Calling, Morgan has just broken up with Hunter for the stupidest reason ever: in case she is evil, since her Dad is… Idiot. Okay, to be fair, her dad isn’t just evil but he literally tried to kill her before he knew who she was so it did kind of suck. Guess Morgan believes nature not nurture.

Anyway, not long after breaking up with Hunter, Eoife (the name which stumped me every time I got to it despite there being a phonetic breakdown) from the witches council asks for Morgan’s help to stop Amyranth from sending the dark wave to destroy local coven Starlocket. To do it though she must get to know her father more and uncover his plans.

Torn between despising Ciaran for not only trying to kill her but also burning her birth mother to death and wanting to get to know her real father, Morgan goes on quite the moral rollercoaster. She also struggles with how to feel about her newly found half brother Killian.

Obviously I’m an absolute romantic so missed some of the Hunter romance through this book. Also, as somebody who has managed perfectly well without a dad I felt like telling her to just stick her two fingers up at him and tell him where to go… but that’s just me! On to the next one!

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