High Force

I’ve had a bit of a nature kick lately and after a lovely weekend in the Lake District; which of course I never got around to writing about, I fancied a more local walk. As you know, I’m an absolute romantic, so obviously I love waterfalls. In the North East we’re super lucky to have High Force in County Durham which is pretty much a guaranteed amazing view all year round.

I made friends with this here sheep!

Although I have been to High Force a number of times, I had never done a real walk around it just had a little wander to the falls and back again. Last weekend we did a nice 4.5 mile walk from High Force car park, up through fields along to the Bowlees visitor centre, down to Low Falls (which I didn’t even know existed) and up the other side of the river to finish off with a view of High Force from the opposite side than I’d ever been on.

This is Low Force

It was a really nice refreshing walk with some tiring up hill sections thrown in to encourage that calorie burn but farm animals to keep me smiling, a fancy rope bridge and lots and lots of pretty sights.

Me on the rope bridge like a geek

I was like a tourist with my camera out! We also saw a group with rubber rings going up to get in the water which I would definitely love to go and do one day! I’m always a bit of an adventure seeker, but for this trip I kept my feet firmly on dry ground.

High Force




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