SpiceWorld 2019 Tour

I was 6 years old when the spice girls came out and they were my first band I really knew. I remember their last tour being that awkward age where it wouldn’t have been cool to go to see the spice girls; and I definitely didn’t have the money. But when they played the 2012 London Olympics and rumours started they would tour again I was determined I would be there the next time. And voila! Yesterday that dream happened!!! Of course I went truly unoriginal with my glitter festival make up and spice girl buns too as it is all part of the experience.


I had preset myself a £200/ticket budget ahead of the release so was pleasantly surprised when we got our tickets for just £55 each! Don’t get me wrong we didn’t buy the top price tickets, but the Sunderland Stadium of Light isn’t that big and I knew we would get a good view from where I picked (excuse the quality of some of my photos).

Jess Glynne was support act and to be honest I’m not a huge fan, I don’t really get how she wins all of her Brit’s and stuff but whatever. Her makeup and outfit were terrible but she did get the crowd going and let’s be honest she has loads of songs that you just can’t help but sing along to!

Then the anticipation began. SPICE GIRLS TIME!!! About 10mins before they were due on stage random people started coming on wearing weird clothes, I presumed they were additional warm up acts…

Turned out they were the backing dancers so it was a pretty cool way to start the show. For the first section of the show each of the girls had 5 dancers themed to match them. They opened the show with Spice Up Your Life so the atmosphere was amazing instantly! Geri definitely had the coolest outfit reminding us of her Union Jack dress but all regal!

Mel C was in blue cycling shorts and her signature ponytail.

Emma was in pink obviously…

And what else but leopard print for Mel B.

The choreography was amazing and I was impressed how much they actually sang live!

They did take quite long breaks at the start to get their costume changes done though!

After the initial section there was a brief ‘Holler’ interlude where they had super sexy black tight outfits on.

I only got pictures of Mel B and Geri in them because they were on the runway and there was unfortunately a big light thing in the way… it seemed pretty disjointed that they literally only did the one song and went back off again to get changed.

Luckily, they followed it up with a lush ballad section in floaty dresses that had Viva Forever, Let Love Lead the Way and Goodbye in. My idea of heaven basically AND the confetti was butterfly shaped!

The show had a great mix of upbeat and ballad songs and also included a few albums tracks which were blasts from the past.

And the costumes were en pointe! Lots of sparkle. Emma’s costumes were really hard to photograph because they were white and sparkly haha.

I LOVED the Union Jack sofa they brought on stage for them to sing Mama too and all the old photos they showed on the screen that reminded me of my spice girls photo album!

I just can’t even explain how much I enjoyed the whole show. I literally considered driving to Edinburgh tomorrow to see them again. It was just an absolute dream come true and I already hope they do something again in the future! And if Victoria Beckham wanted to play too that would be cool; although if I’m 100% honest she wasn’t really a miss…. Eeek!


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