The Calling (Sweep #7) – Cate Tiernan

Cal is dead and Selene has been captured, surely Morgan’s life should be easy now. But of course not. Morgan has a dream of a gathering of animals torturing a baby wolf and when she tells Hunter about it he reports it to the council who think it was a vision. Not only a vision, but a vision of Amyranth the coven Selene Belltower was part of that worked dark magick. Just as we thought it was complicated enough we find out that the coven leader is Ciaran; the man who burned Morgan’s birth parents alive.

Whilst all of the magickal drama unfurls, Morgan continues to struggle to rebuild her friendship with Bree; her best friend she lost when she started dating Cal, and her power begins to come between her and Robbie. Hunter is also acting distant working on council business. All accumulating in Morgan feeling alone on a trip to New York City leading her to go looking for unintentional trouble alone.

Part of me feels like this book is quite forced trying to continue the Sweep series and ending it with Spellbound mightn’t have been the worse idea. But then part of me knows I have finished the series before and enjoyed it until the end so hopefully this one book is just a stumbling block; it’s also taking me forever to read after running out of books on holiday in Texas! Damn trashy TV distracting me!


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